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Veteran astronomers are convinced that planetary observations are almost always dramatically improved by colour filters. Earth’s atmosphere is in constant fluctuation: turbulent air currents blur fine surface detail on solar system objects viewed through a telescope. Faint contrasting area blend together due to “irradiation” - a distortion of the boundaries between light and dark surfaces. Using planet view filters, the scattering of interfering wavelengths is enormously reduced. With filters the smeared, pale bands of Jupiter resolve into loops and festoons. Delicate markings appear on Saturn’s globe, and the Cassini ring division darkens and solidifies, Mar’s Polar caps stand out like tiny pearls, and the Lunar rills acquire greater depths and contrast. Bad seeing becomes acceptable; good “seeing” becomes superb. For Visual use simply thread these filters into the 1.25” eyepiece barrel of any imported or Super Astro Eyepiece / Plossl Eyepiece. For an ASTRO EYEPIECE 1.25” OD an extra adaptor is supplied at an extra cost since Astro Eyepiece does not have an inbuilt thread to adopt this new variety of colour filters

2X BARLOW LENS Skywatcher1.25" 660 + 18% GST

2X BARLOW LENS with T-thread  [Discontinued]
for direct camera attachmen Star tracker 1.25"
1200 + 18% GST

fully multicoated 1.25"
1470 + 18% GST

GSO ED 3X Barlow Lens1.25" 2640 + 18% GST
For those observing targets where you need more power than your eyepieces alone can provide, we offer the new ED Barlow lens to offer 3x magnification boost to any 1.25" eyepiece it's used with.

This is desirable for lunar and planetary observing and for extracting higher powers from fast telescopes such as f/5 and f/4 refractors and reflectors.The features 3x ED Barlow lens use two-elements, fully multi-coated lenses with blackened edges for excellent color correction and sharpness that effectively triples the focal length of the telescope's optics. 

All housing is precision machined from aluminum and black anodized to a hard finish. The chrome portion of the barrel are glare threaded and blackened inside to provide maximum contrast. The lens end of the barrel is threaded to accept any standard 1.25" filters.

GSO 2.5x Barlow 3 Element 1.25" 2370 + 18% GST
The new 2.5x Series Barlow (1.25") is an air-spaced, three element apochromatic design with a 23mm clear aperture. This lens features a very high quality, fully multi-coated design. Fit any 1.25" focusers or diagonals.

GSO 5x Barlow 3 Element 1.25" 2820 + 18% GST
If you need more power than your eyepieces alone can provide, we offer the new 5x Barlow lens to gives a big 5x magnification boost to any 1.25" eyepiece it's used with.  

The Barlow lens is an air-spaced, three element apochromatic design. The housing is precision machined from aluminum stock and black anodized to a hard finish.

ANTARES [Japan] - 2x-3x Variable Barlow 1.25"  5700 + 18% GST
Multi Coated Variable Barlow Lens

Super ACHROMATIC 2x BARLOW 1.25" OD, 2 ELEMENT LENS with T-thread for direct camera attachment /with Brass compression ring / GSO 2640 + 18% GST
[ MultiCoated /High Colour corrected ]
The GSO Universal 1.25" T-Adaptor Barlow is designed to allow you to attach your Digital SLR Camera to any telescope with a standard 1.25" focuser and simply drops in like an eyepiece. This versatile Barlow will double the power of any 1.25" eyepiece and triple with extension adapter for visual use. The adaptor requires the appropriate T-Ring for your make of camera to securely attach the camera to your telescope's focuser. The telescope then becomes the camera lens allowing you to image the night sky. The built in Barlow lens in this T adaptor will increase the magnification by 2x ideal or Lunar and Planetary imaging.

Doubles the magnification of eyepieces & has a T thread for camera and Brass compression ring.

This Barlow T-Adapter will also solve the issue on many Newtonian reflectors that do not reach focus with a Digital SLR.
Features T-Thread for direct camera attachment

Enjoy your telescope more with our colour-corrected 2 element Barlow. This 1.25” OD 2x Barlow is for high power application. A Barlow lens is always superior to use in conjunction with a short focal length eyepiece. This is because the Barlow decreases the spherical aberration of the eyepiece being used while retaining it’s superior eye relief, multi-coated for maximum light transmission.

GSO 2x ED-Barlow-Lens 2" OD [ Multicoated ] 4800 + 18% GST
This 2", 2x Barlow lens is made of high quality materials, including Extra Low Dispersion (ED), fully multi-coated optical lens to translate to higher contrast, sharper images. The lenses have a diameter of 37mm, thus you can even use 2" wide angle eyepieces without vignetting effect.

Our 2" ED Barlow lens comes with a 1.25" adapter, brass compression rings on both the barlow and the 1.25” adapter and barrel is threaded to accept 48mm filters. Two dust cap included. 
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