GSO Eyepiece Projection Camera Adapter. . . . Rs.2,100
  • Allows attachment of a DSLR or SLR camera equipped with a T-ring to a telescope
  • Useful for either prime-focus or eyepiece-projection astrophotography with refractors or reflector telescopes
  • Accepts 1.25" eyepiece inside for eyepiece projection astrophotography
  • Slides into 1.25" telescope focuser; has T-threads for attachment of camera body
  • Requires T-ring (sold separately) for your particular brand of camera

The eyepiece projection Camera Adapter allows attachment of a camera body to reflector and refractor telescopes for either prime-focus or eyepiece-projection photography. The adapter slides into the eyepiece holder as an eyepiece normally would.

This eyepiece projection adapter is composed of two detachable parts: a prime-focus adapter (or "T-adapter") for prime-focus photography, and a fixed-length or variable extension tube for eyepiece-projection photography. A thumbscrew in the extension tube holds the telescope eyepiece in place. Since the camera adapter features an inside diameter of 38mm, you can insert any 1.25" telescope eyepiece that has an outer housing diameter of 38mm or less.

This combination of prime-focus and eyepiece-projection camera adapter has a non-variable barrel design that allows a fixed projection distance for eyepiece-projection photography. Fits reflector and refractor telescopes with 1.25" telescope eyepiece holders.

This Camera Adapter is precision made of black-anodized aluminum and is compatible with 1.25" telescope focusers and many 1.25" telescope eyepieces (some eyepieces have housing diameters that are too large to fit inside the adapter). The barrel of the adapter is threaded for filters. A T-ring for your specific camera model (sold separately) is required to couple your camera body to the eyepiece projection camera adapter.

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