KONUSTART 900 Motor .. Rs 9,660
D=60mm/F=900mm Refractor 
Suggested Accessories
Solar Filter . . . .  Rs. 300.
This telescope already has a good success between the young astronomers: for this reason we thought to produce a special featured line to help them in their hobby.
We added to the normal rich equipment a textile carrying case, in order to carry the telescope everywhere and we also include a professional astronomical software to ease the study of the Sky, find out the co-ordinates of celestial objects which are observing, the dates in which they will be visible all over the world and other important functions.

Multicoated Optics

  • Diameter 60 mm (2".4)
  • Focal length 900 mm (35")
  • Focal ratio F/ 15
  • Equatorial mount with RA motor. Battery operated
  • Electric Focuser. Battery operated
  • Metal tripod 69÷116 cm (2.3÷3.8 ft.)
  • Star dot Finder scope
  • Eyepieces H 8 mm and H 20 mm,  (1.25" OD)
  • Magnification with supplied eyepieces 112.5x and 45x.
  • 2X Barlow lens with supplied eyepiece 225x and 90x
  • Erecting prism 1.5x with suplied eyepiece 168.75x and 67.50
  • Moon filter
  • Carrying Cases
  • MOON MAP: colour Poster 26" x 31"
  • SKY MAP: colour Poster 26" x 31"
  • Net Weight 8.5Kgs
  • Box Dimensions 96 x 28 x 20 cm3
( Sky Explorer Software ) CD FREE
Instructions for use in 8 languages:
UK-USA, I, E, F, D, P, NL, GR
With additional items .
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