GSO NAL-III Newtonian Collimation 1.25" . . . . Rs 3900

This GSO high prescision laser collimator is the ideal way to collimate Newtonian reflectors and refractors. This new-style unit features a side window and 45 degree target face for convenient adjustment. The side window allows the user to make adjustments of the main mirror and see the return beam position without moving position to examine the target face.

This is a top-quality instrument features a positive action push button on and off switch.  Quality CNC-manufacturing, fully anodised body with easy battery replacement and adjustment.

Ideal for use with any Newtonian reflector (Dobsonian) or a very Short focus Newtonian telescopescope

Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece for Refractor. . . . Rs 660
This collimating eyepiece (collimator) is for 31.7mm, 1.25” eyepieces.
It is a Cheshire-type collimating eyepiece for refractors (lens telescopes) that can easily replace your usual eyepiece for quick collimation and adjustment. 
The collimating eyepiece has a shiny metallic, sloping ( under 45 ) surface with a hole in the middle. Through the hole you can see through to the front lense. As it is more practical to use it in daytime, please leave the lens cover on to make sure that the reflection could be seen. 
When looking through the hole, the sloping, shiny surface will be seen as a shiny circle in the middle. In the case of a well collimated refractor there will be two reflections, which lie on top of each other, and are centred in the middle of the picture.
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