ORION M-48 Wide T-Ring for Nikon Camera . . . . Rs.2100
Wide T-Ring for Nikon Cameras
  • Wide 48mm T-ring supports full 35mm format Nikon cameras
  • Couples camera body to wide M48 48mm T-thread on Orion focal reducers for ED refractors and field flatteners for EON refractor telescopes
  • For use with 48mm wide-format T-threaded accessories. Not compatible with standard T-threaded accessories.
  • Converts a SLR or DSLR camera mount to a wide-format M48 48mm T-thread
More Information

A wide T-ring converts a DSLR camera body's bayonet mount to a wide-format (M48), female T-thread, allowing attachment of the camera to accessories such as field flatteners, reducers, and spacer rings that utilize the M48 thread. This T-ring, designed to fit Nikon F-mount cameras, features M48 (48mm x 0.75) threads. Wider than standard M42 T-rings, this T-ring reduces vignetting, especially in full-frame (35mm format) cameras. Length (thickness) of the T-ring is 8.1mm. Made of machined aluminum and black anodized.

This wide-format T-ring is not compatible with standard T-threaded accessories. For use with wide-format 35mm cameras, and 48mm wide-format T-threaded accessories only.

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