Messier NT-130/1000 EXOS-1. . . . . Rs 33,600
Recommend for: FIRST TIME BUYER
Recommend for: FIRST TIME BUYER
  • Baader Solar Filter (off-axis) . . . . Rs. 930
  • Carry Bag Padded OTA. . . . Rs. 1560
    RA Motor for EXOS-1 (DK-8) . . . . Rs. 7,500
    RA Motor Drive with HAND PAD CONTROLLER

    The 130 mm aperture of this classical reflector offers you 30% more light than the 114mm reflectors that are usually in this price range. The lightweight mount is easily transportable and the optics provide an image that is free of colour abberations. This combination is not only very good for observing the planets, you can even see some objects outside our own solar system. Enjoy the colours of bright stars such as the double star system Albireo in the constellation Cygnus or watch the famous double-double Epsilon Lyrae in the constellation Lyra. The compact MESSIER NT-130 is easy to use and provides fast and good performance.

    THe Bresser Mount and Tripod
    The BRESSER Messier beginners' series of telescopes.
    Within this series you find smaller optics mounted stable on the new BRESSER EXOS 1 mount. This combination means more value for money and putd an end to flimsy beginners' scopes whic discourage most of the beginners due to small, unerengineered mounts. The EXOS 1 with a robust steel tripod bears optical tubes weightings up to 7 kg stable for visual observation. The optional motor drive for the RA axis makes usage even more comfortable, so there is no need of manual tracking and the object is kept steadily in the field of view.

    - Bubble level for easy tripod setup
    - Cradle rings with handle and integrated piggyback camera holder (1/4 inch thread)
    - Dovetail plate with stainless steel rail
    - T2 thread for DSLR cameras (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed)
    - 50,8mm (2 inch) to 31,7mm (1,25 inch) adapter with integrated T2 thread (T2-adapter ring for your camera is needed)

    Technical Specifications and Features
    Optical Design
    Newtonian reflector
    Diameter Primary Mirror
    130 mm
    Focal Length, Focal Ratio
    1000 mm, f/7.7
    Recommended Maximum Visual Power
    40x to 260x
    Eyepiece Super plossl 26mm
    Finder 6x30 star finder
    Adapter 2 inch to 1.25"
    Camera adapter T-2- mount adapter
    Dove tail bar Stainless steel Rail
    Length of tube
    920 mm
    diameter of tube
    165 mm
    Weight of tube
    4.3 kg
    Telescope Mounting
    Mechanical EXOS 1
    Mounting Base Net Weight
    3.8 kg
    Tripod Net Weight
    4.6 kg
    The following items are FREE with the telescope listed above
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