The following pictures were taken using the STARTRACKER D=125mm Telescope
: Photograph taken by :
Akshay Desai from Pune
Startracker Systems
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  • Newtonian Reflecting Telescope (amateur favorites)
    We are proud to label MADE IN INDIA
    The following items are FREE with all the telescopes listed above.
    Startracker Systems Optional Accessories
    Some accessories and system listed below are included as STANDARD EQUIPMENT on some Models.

    Check telescope specifications to avoid duplications.

    A wide range of optical system and accessories are available for STARTRACKER SYSTEM Telescopes, essentially permitting an unlimited opportunity to the advanced amateur for serious research. Each accessory, is a part of an integrated system, attaches easily and directly to the instruments described. Once you have a STANDARD STRATRACKER SYSTEM Telescope you can update your telescope with optical system accessories later as and when the need arises. This means your investment is well protected and your telescope will never be outdated. STARSCOPE Telescope accessories and parts can be used on a wide variety of special purpose / home - made telescope or optical system. STARSCOPE parts have been used in the constructions of thousands of privately built telescopes.
    Represents the finest, most economical and advanced telescope of its type available and are very competitively priced, ever compared to the other Indian telescope manufacturers offering only a fraction of STARTRACKER SYSTEM features. We are proud to be our country’s leading telescope specialists.
    We are proud to label MADE IN INDIA
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