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SKYWATCHER 150/750 EQ-Sky | D=150 / F=750mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope 22800 + 18% GST
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The Skywatcher 150mm EQ3 Newtonian Reflector Telescope has a large objective lens that collects enough light to reveal a range of deep sky luminaries.

The included 6x30 achromatic finder scope allows for the easy location of planets, the moon and more, and a smooth rack and pinion focuser makes it easy to view exceptionally clear images of the night sky.

The included EQ3 equatorial mount gives you slow motion control of your telescope and makes it easy to keep track of the celestial objects you're following. This heavy-duty mount features 360-degree worm-gear tracking controls on both axes, large knob-style R.A. and Dec. lock bolts, dual metal setting circle dials and a latitude adjustment screw.

If you’re looking for an amazing reflector telescope that will produce bright, clear deep space images and allow you to further your passion for astronomy, then look no further than the Skywatcher 150 newtonian telescope.

Scope of Delivery
  • 150mm Reflector Telescope
  • EQ Mount
  • K-25 mm Eyepiece 1.25"
  • K-6.5 mm Eyepiece 1.25"
  • Moon Filter 1.25"
  • 3x Barlow
  • 6x30 Finderscope
Optical Design
Newtonian Reflector.
Focal Length 750mm
Secondary Mirror Diameter -----
Focal Ratio F/ 5
Highest Practical Power 275x
Faintest Steller Magnitude 13.6
Resolving Power
0.8 Arc - Seconds.
Focuser diameter RACK-AND-PINION Focuser 1.25".
Eyepiece 1.25"OD
1) Plossl 25mm efl, 2) Plossl 6.5mm efl,
Magnification with eyepiece 30x and 115.3x
3x Barlow lens PL 25mm: 90X
PL 6.5mm: 345.9X
1.5x erecting lens 45x and 172.9x
6x30 redesign Achromatic finder
Filter Moon Filter 1.25"
Mount type
EQUATORIAL EQIII  (EQ2) Heavy version
Slow-motion Control RA & DEC
Accessories Tray No-Tool Tray with Eyepiece holder
Tube Weight 4.25 kg
Tube dimension 18cm Dia, x 66.5cm length
Shipping Weight
Within 18 Kg
Shipping Carton Dimension 71 x 46 x 33 cm3
NOTE : We highly recommend you to buy an additional GALAXY Eyepiece 1.25" worth Rs 660/- with this telescope.

This Eyepiece will give you an ULTRA-WIDE Field of View with Low Magnification which will help you scan the Milky Way and see hundreds of faint Galaxies, Clusters, Nebulae and other Gas Clouds.
Instructions for use in ENGLISH
Download Instruction Manual in .PDF format
The following items are FREE with the telescope listed above.
Magnitude 5 Star Atlas
Collimination Tool (for Newtonian)
Directional Compass  FREE
Micro Fiber (Anti-Static) Cleaning cloth
Optics Cleaning Fluid
COLOUR POSTER 17.5"  x 22.5 "  one
110 Messier Object Locator     A4 size front back colour print
109 Deep Sky CALDWELL Catalogue A4 size front back colour print
Star Dial - Identifying Stars & Constellations
Various Astronomical Post-Card (SET-3)
Desiccant Cap - Refillable desiccant cap to protect fine optics
Astronomical Telescope - user guide
The Moon Map Poster B/W chart unfold to 22"x26"
Suggested Accessories with this Telescope
  • Baader Solar Filter (off-axis) Germany . . . . Rs. 930
  • SOLARIX Solar filter (Explore Scienfific - USA) provide more pleasing and natural Yellow-Orange image of the Sun . . . . Rs 1200
  • Universal Mobile Cell Phone adapter. . . . Rs 1830
  • Planet View filter each . . . . Rs 660
  • T- Ring Nikon. . . . Rs 840
  • T- Ring Canon. . . . .Rs 840
  • STANDARD 2X Barlow with T- Adapter 1.25"( Standard camera adapter plus 2X telephotography)  . . . .Rs 1470
  • Super ACHROMATIC 2x BARLOW 1.25" OD, 2 ELEMENT LENS with T-thread. . . . Rs 2640
  • ADD GSO Super Plossl Eyepiece 1.25" . . . . Rs 2100 to 2820
  • Galaxy Eyepiece . . . . Rs 660
  • 32 mm Astro Eyepiece 1.25". . . . Rs 660
  • 25 mm Astro Eyepiece 1.25". . . . Rs 660
  • Counter weight extension shaft (for allowing balance of telescope with additional accessories without the addition of excessive counterbalance weight). . . . Rs 510
  • Change your EQ mount to a simple AZ Mount by simply removing the EQ Mount and replacing it with an AZ Mount on the same tripod  . . . Rs. 3000
  • CARRY BAG for OTA. . . Rs 1200
  • CARRY BAG Padded for OTA. . . . Rs 1650
  • CARRY BAG for stand + EQ (Not designed for Counter weight). . . Rs 930
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