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Smart Phone Bino Mounting Bracket . . . . Rs. ,0,000
  • Lightweight mounting bracket positions a smartphone in just the right place on binoculars for easy reference while stargazing
  • When used with a smartphone running a dynamic star chart app, it's like having a personal tour guide to the cosmos!
  • Works with virtually any size binocular equipped with a 1/4"-20 tripod adapter port
  • Fits virtually any size smartphone, even when encased in a protective bumper
  • Spring-loaded side clamps grip the installed smartphone securely without scratching
This nifty accessory adds an exciting new dimension to binocular stargazing. Now you can ply the skies with your binoculars, with your smartphone piggybacked right on top and running Orion’s StarSeek or another dynamic star chart app as your observing guide. It’s like having an astronomy expert right there with you as you use your binoculars!  

The Orion Smartphone Holder for Binoculars’ spring-loaded side clamps adjust to fit almost any size smartphone, even when it’s encased in a protective bumper. The included attachment knob couples the holder to virtually any pair of binoculars equipped with a 1/4"-20 mounting socket on the barrel hinge. This attachment positions the phone just above the binoculars for easy, at-a-glance visual reference while you’re observing! Switch the smartphone orientation between portrait and landscape by just rotating the holder.

What’s that bright ball you see in the binoculars? Just glance up at the star map displayed on your compass- or gyro-equipped smartphone to identify it. Wow, it’s Mars! Want to gaze at the Andromeda galaxy? Move the binoculars until it’s centered on the smartphone screen, and then look into the binoculars. It will be right there, or very close, so you can easily identify and learn about celestial curiosities with a dynamic star chart app as you scan them in real-time through binoculars. 

The Smartphone Holder for Binoculars is sold with an attachment knob for hand-held binocular stargazing. It’s a fun and practical observing aid for binocular skygazers!



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