Universal A-Focal /
par-focal digital camera adapter . . . . Rs 1200

  • The easiest way to get into Digital Astrophotography.
  • The easiest way to attach any digital camera to any Indian or imported telescope.
  • Superb a-focal (through the eyepiece) astrophotography.
  • All you need is an eyepiece focal length range from 40mm to 20mm  preferable Plossl.
This universal A-focal adapter is as simple to mount on any of yours Digital Camera up to the eyepiece of any telescope and take pictures of the Moon, bright planets, bright deep sky objects or any terrestrial subjects through the telescope eyepiece fitted to the telescope. This Universal bracket do not use camera’s filter ring to support the camera, instead the tripod socket carries the camera’s weight to the eyepiece end. This design allows the universal a-focal adaptor to fit virtually every digital camera available in the market. Fits directly to any imported eyepiece in use. However any of our imported eyepiece will work best result and to minimize vignetting of the images is all you need eyepiece focal length range from 40mm to 20mm preferably.
NOTE: This adapter is not design to fit DSLR camera.   Fits 1.25" eyepieces only.
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