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GSO Planetview Filters 1.25" - Full Set of 10 Filters 5700 + 18% GST
Veteran astronomers are convinced that planetary observations are almost always dramatically improved by color filters. Earth’s atmosphere is in constant fluctuation: turbulent air currents blur fine surface detail on solar system objects viewed through a telescope. Faint contrasting area blends due to “irradiation” - a distortion of the boundaries between light and dark surfaces. Using planet view filters, the scattering of interfering wavelengths is enormously reduced. With filters, the smeared, pale bands of Jupiter resolve into loops and festoons. Delicate markings appear on Saturn’s globe, and the Cassini ring division darkens and solidifies, Mar’s Polar caps stand out like tiny pearls, and the Lunar rills acquire greater depths and contrast. Bad seeing becomes acceptable; good “seeing” becomes superb. For Visual use simply thread these filters into the 1.25” eyepiece barrel of any imported or Super Astro Eyepiece / Plossl Eyepiece. For an ASTRO EYEPIECE 1.25” OD an extra adaptor is supplied at an extra cost since Astro Eyepiece does not have an inbuilt thread to adopt this new variety of color filters.
  NOTE : The following Planetary Filters are compatible with 1.25" PLOSSL and high quality 1.25" Achromatic Barlow Lenses.

# 8 LIGHT YELLOW Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Lunar surface detail ,Maria on Mars ,Low contrast detail on Venus,Comet dust tail and coma,Orange and red belt features on Jupiter and Saturn. 

#11 YELLOW GREEN Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Lunar surface detail ,contrast of Martian maria and polar caps, orange and red features on Jupiter and Saturn , clouds on Venus.

#12 YELLOW Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Lunar surface detail , low contrast cloud detail on Venus ,definition of comet heads and dust tails ,Maria on Mars ,orange and red belt features on Jupiter and Saturn , detail on Uranus and Neptune in larger scopes. 

#15 DARK YELLOW 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Contrast of Lunar surface , polar caps and orange desert regions on Mars , orange and red features on Jupiter and Saturn, low contrast cloud detail on Venus , daytime observation of Venus and Mercury. 

#21 ORANGE Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances: Lunar terrain, Martian surface features in small scopes, contrast on Mercury and Venus in daylight, bands and festoons on Jupiter and Saturn.

#23A LIGHT RED Filter 1.25" - SOLD OUT 660 + 18% GST
Enhances: Lunar surface detail, reddish areas, plains and Maria on Mars, blue clouds and polar areas of Jupiter and Saturn, Mercury and Venus in daylight and twilight. Martian surface detail in larger scopes, the contrast of Mercury against the blue sky, contrast and cloud definition of Venus, bluish clouds of Saturn and Jupiter, the contrast of Saturn’s rings, reduces the effect of light pollution on b/w photos

#80A MEDIUM BLUE Filter1.25" - SOLD OUT 660 + 18% GST
Enhances Contrast of some comet tails, Lunar surface detail (significantly), Martian polar caps and high clouds, View of Venus and Mercury in the orange twilight sky, Orange and purple belts and white ovals of Jupiter, Subtle shadings on Saturn. Lunar surface (slightly), dust storms on Mars, subtle details in Saturn cloud belts, boundaries of reddish belts and bright zones of Jupiter, bright comet gas tails

#82A LIGHT BLUE Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Orange and purple cloud belts of Saturn and Jupiter ,Lunar surface detail , comet tails , suppresses chromatic aberration in refractors

#47 VIOLET Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Contrast of Venus, reducing glare and twinkling ,faint clouds on Mars during blue clearings ,surface detail on Mercury and Venus , ring structure of Saturn , dark features on Moon

#56 GREEN Filter 1.25" 660 + 18% GST
Enhances : Lunar surface detail , contrast of Red Spot on Jupiter ,contrast of subtle red and blue hues , melt lines around polar caps of Mars , brighter comets , Venusian cloud patterns

FILTER ADAPTOR only for Astro Eyepiece 210 + 18% GST
This FILTER ADAPTER adapts Moon Filters and Planet View Colour Filters which threads into the front barrel of the FILTER ADAPTER. This is to be used in conjunction with Astro Eyepiece 1.25 OD since Astro Eyepiece do not have filter adaptable threads.

NOTE : Never use these Planet view Photo-Visual Filters to observe the Sun. Instant and irreversible eye damage may otherwise result.
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